Our Six Favorite Amazon Items for Essential Oil DIY Projects

  1. For body balms, this one is great. Feels like an expensive face cream container, and the glass almost looks as if it’s black.

2. This is a great essential oil diffuser for larger rooms, or for homes with an open layout. It runs for longer than 8 hours.

3. These are wonderful spray bottles, and are great to make your own hand sanitizer, room spray, spray-before-you-go, or perfume.

4. Blue roller balls look as if they’ve come from an apothecary, and the metal roller ball gives it a high-end feel.

5. Perfect for lip balm, and I love the screw-top lid.

6. Instead of using dryer sheets that are full of chemicals, I use these wool dryer balls. Two drops of an essential oil and you’re good to go.